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**Great job to T-Squared parents, educators, scholars  and stakeholders as our school scored 3 Stars overall, comparable to all high schools in the local and surrounding areas!  We also received 3 Stars on our value-added, which means that students who attend our school show average growth academically.   GOOOO FALCONS! **   



Social Reform is the basis of our program, so our students are required to create, develop or participate in reform advocacy.   Our Social Reform Projects encourages the scholars to think critically about the problems in society in order to fix them.  Giving back through volunteering is also a focus of our school program.  Pictured:  Senior Project--Toys for Tots


Project based learning allows for students to use thier hands to connect concepts. Studies have shown that students learn better by DOING, rather than simply LISTENING.  Our students are taught collaboration and problem solving stategies throughout their tenure at T-Squared.  Working together makes for stronger communities and people.

Foreign Language Fluency

One of our program goals is to graduate students who are bi-lingual and can fluently speak more than one language.  We currently have a Spanish curriculum and will possibly implement more languages as we grow. All of our scholars from grades 7-12 are required to take Spanish.


Our goal is to one day have the top performing arts program in the state.  How do we intend to do that?  By starting with small programs that are very impactful and grow from there. Our vocal and dance programs perform twice a year.  This year our performances will be held in December and May. 

Our extended day activities are done on Tuesday's and Thursday's to allow students to become more engaged in their school program.  We offer poetry clubs, leadership teams, student council and chess.

Shadow effect
Shadow effect

Extended Day